Great SEO calls for great allies. So let’s meet yours.

Unlimited daily tracking

See it all. Know it all.
Fresh, every day.

Track a thousand keywords. Or track a million. Day and night, STAT is out hunting SERPs for you across the globe.

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“Our ability to monitor the perfor­mance of large sites is incredible.”

Kieran Bass
Strategy Director, Roast

Local & mobile SERPs

We’re in every city.
We’re on every screen.

Search is on the move. Your tracking should be too. That’s why we do pin-point local and mobile SERPs, everywhere that Google does.

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“STAT gives us the confidence we need to deliver results quickly and accur­ately.”

Norman Brauns
CEO, Pacific

Competitor intelligence

See them coming from
miles away.

Unlimited tracked sites, automated intelligence, and fully customizable alerts. When it comes to the competition, nothing ever gets by you.

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“STAT is a comp­etitive advan­tage I hope my comp­etitors never hear about.”

Tevin Anderson
Director of SEO, Expedia

Flexible app & API

Endlessly adaptable.
And very handy.

We’d never lock up your data. In fact, thanks to our unlimited API and flexible web app, it’s always right where you need it.

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“The level of service from the STAT team has been unpar­al­leled. Highly recom­mended.”

Rob Welsby
Search Director, Further

Expert support

Someone really sturdy
you can lean on.

Big or small, all of our clients get dedicated, whip-smart service—including custom intelligence and reporting—whenever they need it.

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Priced for scale

Big-data SERP tracking
starts at $500/month

Our highly competitive per-keyword rates are designed to let you think bigger. You only pay for the keywords you track—everything else is rolled right in.

  • Fresh ranks daily

    Plus universal results, search volumes, CPC, and more.

  • Unlimited locations

    Pin-point places in every market that Google serves.

  • Unlimited sites

    Track every domain you need—including your competitors.

  • Unlimited users

    Open collaboration with your team and your clients.

  • Unlimited API

    Get all of your data exactly where you need it.

  • Unlimited segmentation

    Tag, slice, and dashboard your keywords any way you want.

  • Unlimited support

    With a dedicated success coach for every client.

  • Book your demo

    Have a question first? Just ask.