A lot goes into tracking your SEO performance. Which is why you need more than just rank data from your tracking software. With STAT, you’ll squeeze every last drop of insight from the SERPs.

See it all.

From organic to universal results. CPC to search volume. Even the full, raw Google HTML — STAT shows you the whole kit’n’caboodle.

Track without limits.

As many sites, languages, and locations as you need. All across the globe.

We scale with you.

Track two thousand keywords. Track two million. We scale instantly whenever you need, without restrictions.

Fresh data daily.

SERPs change daily. Your SERP data should too. STAT gives you fresh data every single day.

A coach to call your own.

Get one-on-one support from your own dedicated success coach. It’s just how we do things.

  • I only track 500 search terms. Why would I ever need thousands and thousands of keywords?

    You’d be surprised! Once you start seeing the kinds of insights you can only get from large-scale rank tracking and SERP analytics, those numbers will make perfect sense.

    Most of our clients track their keyword lists for multiple markets, search locations, and devices. With such comprehensive SERP tracking, even a modest list of 500 search terms can quickly multiply into many thousands of distinct search queries.

  • How do I manage so much data? Can it be easily segmented?

    When you’re doing SERP tracking on such a large scale, great management and segmentation is critical.

    In STAT, you can tag your keywords with an unlimited number of custom tags. These are essentially custom segments that you can use to slice your keywords in any number of ways — for example, by product characteristic, by subject area, or by searcher intent.

    There are also dynamic tags, which work like smart playlists. They are automatically populated with keywords based on simple, logical rules.

    For example, you could create a dynamic tag that contains all of your keywords with search volume over a million. As search volume numbers are updated, the keywords within the dynamic tag will update as well.

    You can base your reports and custom alerts on any tag or set of tags, which creates unlimited possibilities for mining new insights from your SERP data.

  • If I need help with STAT, what kind of service can I expect?

    We pride ourselves on nimble, knowledgeable, one-on-one service for all our clients. It really doesn’t matter how big or small you are. Every single one of our clients gets the back up they need to do their best SEO ever. That includes training, product support, and prompt service on any problems, questions, or challenges you encounter when using STAT.

    You’ll be assigned a dedicated STAT specialist who you’ll know by name and who will be there to guide you through STAT. Yes indeed, we’re talking about real human beings. That service includes unlimited training sessions for you, your team, and your partners — whatever you need to get the most out of STAT.