The world’s most successful online travel company needs huge volumes of search data to drive their SEO strategy. Here’s how Expedia gets what they need, every day.

With over 30 points of sale and localized sites in over 20 countries, Expedia has played a key role in getting people online when we book flights or hotels, rent a car, or explore package vacations and attractions.

This global leader has a unique set of challenges which come from having to track hundreds of thousands of keywords in dozens of countries and languages. To tackle those challenges, they turn to STAT.

“Integrating STAT ranking data into our data warehouse has added tremendous insight into how our rankings and our business numbers correlate.” — Tevin Anderson | Senior SEO Manager

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In this client snapshot, we look at Expedia’s unique business situation — and how STAT was able to step up to get them exactly the data they need, with no barriers or limitations.

Read the client snapshot(PDF)